Monday, May 29, 2017


Painting a miniature flora panel under the 10x magnifier
A prayer book cover makes a good bar counter.  I had to cut off an inch to custom fit.
The stools came from the two bottles of champagne we enjoyed with Helen. 
I couldn't believe it when I found that tiny plastic champagne bottle 
on a street.
 Papers came from maps and brochures.
Largest scrap of paper I found.
The freedom wall...
That's Schist rock - 450 million years old - this is the bedrock of Manhattan!  
In the early construction, Central Park had quality soil imported to cover
 the poor rocky alluvium. The exposed metamorphic and glacial features
 in the park are amazing.

Me in the Giantess shoes.  I was thrilled to find that little green tile.

I'm still dreaming about those shoes!  "Giantess" by S. Brauning
"I FANCY NYC"  Assemblage Room, 10" x 10"
I enjoyed creating this room with mostly objects found while walking the streets of Manhattan and Brooklyn….  I bought a small Jewish Prayer book at a used book store and used the cover it came in
as the counter. The book is red, so I painted the floor red.  I collected tons of dandelion seeds from 
Central Park.  I already planted some in my garden.  Yes, I eat Dandelions, I'll take all the Dandies in the world - they are super healthy.  Anyway, true nature could not be hidden under the mass city of 
people, subways and buildings upon buildings.  This room is like one small NYC seed. My seed.  

Sunday, May 28, 2017

NYC - Nature and Misc.

I saw a lot of beautiful flowers between Central Park, Prospect Park 
and the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens.  I could have foraged my way
through Central Park - I spotted familiar edibles like cleaver & nettle 
and plenty of dandelions. 

We walked all over Central Park - that huge green rectangle.
I fancy NYC and even though I prefer wild acres, I sure enjoy all that big cities offer -
lots of people, all kinds of people, art, architecture, design, good food, shops, shops,
shops,,, though I hardly spent a penny.  Instead, I collected objects from my walks…
and just finished an assemblage from my found treasures.      
I will surely share it in my next post.  

Saturday, May 20, 2017

The Whitney Museum in NYC

 This is a very small sampling of the 2017 
Whitney Biennual and the permanent collection.
There's an installation piece that's mind-blowing.
There are also great views of the city and even a
distant glimpse of Lady Liberty on her island.