Sunday, May 28, 2017

NYC - Nature and Misc.

I saw a lot of beautiful flowers between Central Park, Prospect Park 
and the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens.  I could have foraged my way
through Central Park - I spotted familiar edibles like cleaver & nettle 
and plenty of dandelions. 

We walked all over Central Park - that huge green rectangle.
I fancy NYC and even though I prefer wild acres, I sure enjoy all that big cities offer -
lots of people, all kinds of people, art, architecture, design, good food, shops, shops,
shops,,, though I hardly spent a penny.  Instead, I collected objects from my walks…
and just finished an assemblage from my found treasures.      
I will surely share it in my next post.  


  1. "New York City! Just like I pictured it. Skyscrapers an' everythang!" (Stevie Wonder. Hehe)
    That big green rectangle. Love it! It's also the birds fly zone stop over spot. You probably knew that. Did you ever see that documentary about birders of Central Park? I think it's called the Central Park Effect. So good!
    I always think about John & Yoko when I see pictures of CP. ;)
    You obviously had a wonderful time in NYC. I've often thought about being in SoHo sipping coffee at an outdoor cafe, watching all the peeps go by!
    Thanks for sharing the neat art and architecture, flowers!! and your amazing, mouth watering Mexican meal! Christmas red and green sauce dish!! Ay yi yi!!!!

    1. I'll have to check out that documentary. I saw some pretty birds to include a Scarlet Tanager. Also saw a big group of birders. :)

  2. Reading your blog has taught me to slow down and notice all the little things in life, so thank you! I am so busy teaching and am exhausted from raising a family all these years, and I'm looking forward to taking some time for ME when our nest becomes empty in August. I have a teacher friend who used to live in NYC and walked through Central Park on her way to work every day. Wouldn't that be amazing?