Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Prettiest prairie flower...

I dyed some papers and fabrics with Coreopsis tinctoria - 
it produces beautiful yellow hues depending on what's absorbing it.

Then I made a bitty prairie skirt for a teacher/friend who collects and paints dolls.
Added a deep pocket for a piece of candy or sketchbook. :)

Now I look forward to painting Coreopsis tinctoria!

Even made her way to Greg's b-day cake.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Happy Sailing ~ ~ ~

We started sailing Ms. Dubcek on Lake Lawtonka again.  This is how bright she sails ~~~
I painted this little acrylic for Greg last summer.  I enjoy the view of Mt. Scott from the lake
so decided to include the scene through our clear window. 
Heirloom coral & Tahitian pearls on sterling silver
wire and hooks $25
Heirloom corals, crystals and beads on sterling silver
wire and hooks - $20 
This reminds me that I made silver earrings with heirloom 
coral and Tahitian pearls last month.   When I say heirloom
I mean that the coral came from my mom's necklace from 
the 70's.  The pearls came from my aunt's bracelet.  
I wear a pair of those top earrings and the other
three are for sale.  I share this from time to time
on the blog.  I sell art and jewelry at a local
gallery in Medicine Park.  Etsy is not for me - I get
asked about it.  I tried it, but it's not my thing.  
Anyway, in case anyone should desire something
light, summery and treasured dangling from their ears…

Happy Sailing ~

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Though she be but little...

I'm painting lots of flowers lately.  Some canvases are very small.

I'm supposed to be focusing on the native wildflowers.
The potted plant on the porch has captured me, though,  
with its delicate white and violet umbels. 
 I don't remember its name - I just call it beautiful.  

The tiny blue note reads: Though she be but little, she is fierce. - Shakespeare

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Prayers Paintings

Intercession of NYC
Fingernail size signature.
Intercession of the World
The other night, I let prayers, paint and paper express in image - not in words.
(The little floral cut outs were added the next day.)  

I read something recently - it said something like
You rise from the seeds you've sown.

I want to stand in a peaceful place.