Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Prettiest prairie flower...

I dyed some papers and fabrics with Coreopsis tinctoria - 
it produces beautiful yellow hues depending on what's absorbing it.

Then I made a bitty prairie skirt for a teacher/friend who collects and paints dolls.
Added a deep pocket for a piece of candy or sketchbook. :)

Now I look forward to painting Coreopsis tinctoria!

Even made her way to Greg's b-day cake.


  1. I've seen everything, now!
    I love that yellow. How many flowers does it take for a sheer tablecloth like the one you used? So wonderful, sissy!
    You + summer = 💛

  2. What a great project! I'd love to see how the papers turned out!

  3. oh my, those flowers and their colors!