Saturday, October 21, 2017

Field Sketching at Aquatic Art Camp

    I worked on the Flier fish for the upcoming Fall Aquatic Art Camp 
and created the snail as a gift for a friend.  I've always enjoyed 
working in this 'journal page' style and wanted to share this
during the youth camp.

Perfect place to create - Medicine Park Aquarium & Natural Sciences Center.
So we had a blast at the Aquatic Art Camp yesterday where young participants learned 
                            how to 'field sketch' by studying their subjects (fish) and taking notes. 
                   Just look at some of the charming artworks that resulted from their curiosity and play.
Warm-up on bookmarks.
Sariah works on the details of her Butterfly Fish.
Whitley was brave to take on this subject.
We saw two Eel demonstrations during the camp!
Whitley's extensive Field Notes include the
Eel's powerful 860 voltage electric shock fact.
Lili learned about the scientific name of a species.
She also learned about the uniqueness of her fish's nocturnal feeding habits.
Red-bellied Piranah
Participants learned about important historical artists/naturalists/scientists
 such as Leonardo daVinci, John J. Audubon and Maria S. Merian.
These artists of the past made the way for modern Anatomy, Ornithology
and Entomology. Artists 500-200 years ago showed the world how
the natural world took course. Art and Science have always had a close friendship.


  1. I just love seeing the artwork those kids create. And your Flier and Garden snail are gorgeous! You are one talented woman!

  2. yes!....the children's artwork!! and your snail. i love it so much.