Thursday, January 4, 2018


Hello 2018
Wings,  9" x 12" Mixed Media

2017 was a beautiful year for me. Oh, there were some agonies, 
but …. a shift came that dazzled me like a kaleidoscopic vision. 
A gentle wind from God set my sails in the right direction and 
I'm still enjoying the journey. Some days I work the tiller, other days I drift. 
My course is set, and with the goodness of God,
 hopefully I'll drop an anchor. 
Realistically, there will be ups and downs in 2018 - 
both are needed like supporting wings. 
So I pray for courage, creativity and grit. 
I'm ready to fly. 
Ready to sail into the new year ~ ~ ~ 

Wings and Sails,  9" x 12" Mixed Media
Wishing everyone a GREAT journey in 2018!


  1. That shark’s comin’ in hot for Greg’s toes! I like his board shorts!
    You, my little pretty butterfly. You make me smile. That bird kissing your eye—is that what Fearless used to do? And you with your little tea cup... 💛 Here’s to you and what exciting things are in store. I can’t wait.

  2. Lovely artwork! I wish you only the best for the coming year and I am happy that you are doing so good!

  3. happy happy new year to you!! maybe it be filled with love, adventure, peace and guidance!!