Sunday, April 15, 2018

A few flowers, mostly wind and fire lately...

The mountain has been smoking all week.  Fortunately
for us, in the SW area of Oklahoma, it's from a controlled burn.

The wildflowers are scarce this spring. Lean.
I enjoyed seeing a lot of Blue-eyed grass though.
She's a rare flower around here...

Blue-eyed Grass

I also snacked on Corn Salad leaves today. They tasted buttery and not bitter, yum!
My opening of Wee Winsome Wildflowers exhibit is only days away. 

Storksbill (another edible)


  1. So funny, I also only recently decorated a nest with flowers :) Such lovely paintings you made!

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  3. That Storksbill painting is just beautiful! I hope the fires don't get worse out that way. We've had high winds lately and there's a fire about 60 miles to the west of us. Looks like fire season came early this year.

    Best of luck with your gallery opening!


  4. i do so love the little "blue-eyed grass"...... xx