Monday, June 25, 2018

San Diego (Part 3)

We enjoyed a day on Coronado Island.  The ocean felt wonderful and the sunset was
perfect. One minor flaw however, was one of those raw oysters (we three dared each other to eat one)
gave me 'traveler's diarrhea' for 6 days.  Just looking at the picture again makes me shudder. lol 
The 4 scoop gelato was heavenly though.  When I returned home,
Greg and I watched the old classic comedy, Some Like It Hot with Marilyn Monroe.
 It was filmed on Cornado Island yet was supposed be Florida in the film.
That was the popular 1920's hot spot back then.  
Well, San Diego's Coronado Island is the spot for me!   


  1. i have never tried oysters as such. but give me some gelato ANYday!!

  2. Oh no! That sounds inconvenient...but, I love raw oysters on the half shell with lemon, omg I do! But, anymore, I wonder if the ocean water is slightly toxic? (Thinking of reasons why you got messed up).
    Now I want to watch that MM movie..thank you! (again) hehe.

  3. Hotel del Coronado was always a favorite place of mine to stay in the 90s. I almost decided to go back for my 50th last month but we ended up in Napa Valley (Calistoga). It was wonderful! Hope your time wasn’t spoiled too much...